Yes, I’m attending this year’s Romance Writers of Australia’s conference in Brisbane. If you want to demystify the mystical synopsis, make sure you register for this wonderful event, and my workshop.

Workshop blurb

Most authors would rather compose an 80k+ word novel than write a synopsis. That was before Simply Synopsis.
This workshop will introduce a step-by-step strategy to pare a story down before building it back up, paragraph-by-paragraph, into synopsis form. The process is simple, systematic and straightforward, and is a fail-proof way to ensure all the vital elements that make a great story are present in the final product.
We’ll use examples of well-known books and movies to assist participants to relate the method back to their own synopsis creation.


If you missed out or can’t make it to the RWA conference, but still want to beat the synopsis blues, here’s your chance!
I’ll be running a 4 week online course on synopsis creation. With heaps of hands-on writing and techniques, you’ll come out of this month feeling as if you can take on the world – or, at least, the world of the synopsis.

Workshop blurb

With particular focus on romance, I will assist the participants to build a stellar synopsis.
Participants will learn how to analyse their story and extract the key elements to include in their synopsis, whilst learning how to determine what plot points and events to leave out.
Over the four week period we will formulate the building blocks of the synopsis – the orienting paragraphs, the major turning points, the resolution and the conclusion paragraphs – and then learn how to structure them before piecing them together in a way that is engaging and exciting for the reader.

We will study tone, vocabulary, point of view and pacing. We will look at backstory – how and where does this fit into our synopsis? Secondary characters and secondary plots – yes or no? World-building – how much is enough?
My strategy is simple and straightforward, a step-by-step process that makes a daunting task much less daunting.



I love the opportunity to share my knowledge with emerging or aspiring writers. If you’re interested in private or group workshops, please complete the contact form below, with details of what you’re after.
This is a great opportunity to build on your craft and hone your skills as a writer. All workshops topics, dates and costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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