Simply Writing Series: Simply Synopsis – ebook


Simply Synopsis is a step-by-step guide for crafting a stellar synopsis.

With special focus on romance, learn how to simply and succinctly construct an engaging and fresh synopsis that contains all vital information while hooking the reader, maintaining tension and emotion.



Simply Synopsis is a strategy that helps analyze your story and extract the key elements to include in your synopsis, whilst guiding you on how to determine what plot points and events to leave out.

It helps formulate the building blocks of the synopsis – the orientation, the major turning points, the resolution and the conclusion – and then demonstrates how to structure these paragraphs before piecing them together in a way that is engaging and exciting for the reader.

You will learn about tone, vocabulary, point of view and pacing. You will look at backstory – how and where does this fit into a synopsis? Secondary characters and secondary plots – yes or no? World-building – how much is enough?

The Simply Synopsis strategy is simple and straightforward, a step-by-step process that makes the daunting task of synopsis creation much less daunting.

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