An Introduction to Lethal in Love

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“She makes couples fall in love and kills people. But there’s always a happy ending.”

Yes, it’s true. My husband’s words, but I doubt I could have said it better myself.

I love my job. Even more so, I love that I’ve melded passion and career into one.

Romance. Well, who doesn’t love LOVE. Most of us sure as hell want to find it. I can’t think of a more dynamic and diverse genre out there. And for me, there’s only one that equals it. Suspense.

Put the two together and I’m in heaven.

LETHAL IN LOVE was born the moment I discovered I couldn’t create a sizzling romance without adding a chill; something more than the conflicts arising from love. Danger. Death. Devils traipsing my pages in human form and the fear that all may be lost with the slash of a knife or report of a gun. My heart races with just the thought of it.

The idea of writing a detective and reporter into a romance has always lured me. It’s that age-old love-hate relationship, and the challenge of overcoming it so that two people from opposite poles can meet in the centre and fall passionately, irretrievably in love.

I wanted a strong female heroine. Tough, sassy, but with an underlying softness and vulnerability that she hides from all but those she trusts. I’ve read countless stories where the hero wields the gun, so I thought it time to turn the tables and hand the weapon to a woman.

Enter Jayda Thomasz.

Jayda is a homicide detective foremost and a woman last. Then she enters a swinger’s club undercover and meets Seth. With one kiss, he turns her every preconceived notion about sex and love to dust.

Seth Friedin is my kind of hero. I’m a sucker for dark hair and green eyes. Add to that a dash of sexy, strong and determined, and you have me well and truly hooked.

Seth is a reporter with a dream of making it big, something solving the twenty five-year-old Night Terror mystery will achieve. Getting the inside on the case means getting close to the lead detective. And as far as his libido’s concerned, the closer the better. As long as he remembers, the story comes first.

But Jayda’s demons span far beyond her broken dreams of love. She’s haunted by a past so deeply buried even she doesn’t know it exists. Then the memories surface, along with her childhood nightmares, and Jayda is faced with the greatest challenge of all – her forgotten past – and figuring out who of those closest and dearest in her life she can trust, and who wishes to destroy her.

LETHAL IN LOVE is my first foray into a genre that’s given me years of reading pleasure.

I’ve had a blast writing Seth and Jayda’s story. I hope you have a blast reading it.


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